Sevan Roggensinger

Student , eve&rave Schweiz , President

Schweiz, Fribourg


Sevan is studying sociology and currently working on his Bachelor thesis on the non-medical use of prescription drugs among Swiss adolescents at the university of Fribourg. He is fascinated about the broad physiological, mental, and social effects that psychoactive substances and dancing can produce, constantly questioning how they can best increase the general well-being in our society. He is the president of eve&rave Switzerland, an organization that hosts the largest German-language online forum on risk-conscious and self-responsible use of psychoactive substances and actively promotes the party culture and reduces drug related problems by promoting and applying saferuse and psycare practices based on the peer-to-peer approach.

Conference teaser

The transdisciplinary approach on which the Nights conference is based is what nightlife needs nowadays. It is a place where politicians and club visitors, club owners and harm reductioners, researchers and recreational drug users meet and share local and international ideas. Working on concepts for a nightlife that is moving out of the shadows and into the socio-political arenas, seeking its way towards acceptance at the heart of our society without forgetting where it originated from.