Adam Winstock


Consultant Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist , UCL and lots of different health providers , GDS and others

London UK


Professor Adam R Winstock MD MRCP MRCPsych FAChAM Adam is a Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine specialist based in London. He works for a number of treatment providers across the UK. He trained at the Maudsley and IOP. He is Honorary Clinical Professor  at  the Institute of Epidemiolgy and Health Care, University College London. He is an active clinician, educator and researcher, having published over 140 papers on everything from opioid treatment and service delivery to dark net drug markets, sex and drugs, policy, health messaging, cannabis, novel drugs, ketamine, nitrous and psychedelics. He’s run services in the community, hospitals and prisons. He is passionate about harm reduction and developing effective treatment structures that have patients needs at their core. He is also founder and CEO of Global Drug Survey which runs the biggest drug survey in the world. Over 10 years GDS has collected data on almost 1 million people. He is also the architect of the free on line and smart phone apps the Drinks Meter (, a fun self assessment tool for young drinkers, www.onetoomany.Co and the world's first safer use cannabis guidelines at

Alcohol why people drink too much and what can motivate them to drink less

I have been treating those with alcohol dependence for over 25 years and it’s best avoided. GDS has collected data from over 500,000 drinkers. We have focused on how patterns of drinking influence risk perception and harm. In this session I will focus on why people drink so much they regret it, what they regret, what motivates them to drink less and how digital tools can help. I will also talk about why we don’t have mandatory health warning labels on alcohol and how to encourage less alcohol use by people when they use certain drugs. Helping people enjoy alcohol while remembering their night, not ruining it for the friends and avoiding the emergency department or ending up having to see a doctor like me is the focus.

Lecture & Discussion
14.00 - 15.30


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