Anke Schröder


architectural sociologist , State Office for Criminal Investigation Lower Saxony , Cutting Crime Impact, Divercity

Hannover, Germany


After her training to industrial clerk, Anke Schröder studied architecture until her PhD at the Institute for Planning- and Architectural Sociology at the Leibniz University of Hanover. During this time, she was involved in the start of the “gender_archland”. After giving birth to her children, Anke Schröder switched her position to the State Office for Criminal Investigation due to the research project “Planning urban Security (PluS)”, where she was involved as a researcher and the project manager. Afterwards she was responsible for national and international projects like Divercity and CCI. In 2017 the Competence Center for Urban Security was established and since then Anke has led the KURBAS. Since 2022, she is responsible for the Criminological Research in the State Office for Criminal Investigation in Lower Saxony.

Security made by Architecture? How can architecture, the design of public space, contribute to night-time security?

Safety in public space is a complex construct that depends on numerous factors.
Statistically, women and older people feel much less safe than men. However, the latter are more often victims of violence. In the Competence Centre Urban Safety we investigate this paradox. We differentiate not only by gender and age, origin and social cohesion, but also by building and environmental design and crime type. In order to develop solutions for the right problems. Knowing that the built environment can either promote or protect crime, we develop tools and methods for secure by design.
Based on examples, structural-spatial and socio-spatial criteria are presented that can contribute to security in public spaces.

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