Orsi Feher


, PsyCare Austria | Vienna Club Commission , Psychedelic Welfare | Safer party - Safer nightlife

Vienna, Austria


Orsi is a Vienna-based researcher, consultant, and activist. Orsi is a co-founder and chairperson of the local peer-based harm reduction organization, PsyCare Austria. Orsi has a degree in Economics and Communication Science that she earned researching the psychedelic stigma in the former Eastern Bloc and its consequences in academia. Orsi is an avid advocate for drug policy reform, has served on the board of the NGO Committee on Drugs at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and is the Lead Manager for Safer Nightlife at the Vienna Club Commission. Orsi's most recent article on involving young people in harm reduction is published in the Harm Reduction Journal's latest thematic issue (open access!).

Psychedelic Activism // Visions of Liberation

During this session, we will hold space for our community, tocome together, share, discuss, and develop a collective vision of their ideal post-prohibitionist world. Participants of this exercise will explore a variety of topics, from honest drug education to decolonization, as we co-create our vision. groups. We will conclude the session with a reflection on the differences that we saw in the visions shared and the ways that we could better align ourselves on what it is we’re trying to create rather than the thing we’re trying to end.