Tiffany Fukuma

Managing Director , Trans Europe Halles

Lund, Sweden


Tiffany Fukuma is the Managing Director of Trans Europe Halles, one of the oldest and largest cultural networks in Europe, with 140 members in 40 countries, all grassroots, non governmental arts and culture centres established in repurposed buildings. A rave and club-goer since the age of 16, and an advocate of the right to party in the city, she has a background in the independent music sector as a venue manager and a producer. She worked for 10 years for city governments (City of Paris, City of Bordeaux, France) - and got involved with the États Généraux de la Nuit à Paris and the Bordeaux Night Council - and for 6 years for the French foreign service, in Tokyo and in Toronto, building international cultural cooperation projects. Over time, she developed a strong interest in urban planning, community work and advocacy.