Cristina Gil Lladanosa


Lab manager , ABD/Energy Control , Barcelona

Barcelona , Spain


Cristina Gil Lladanosa studied Pharmacy at the University of Barcelona. When she finished her studies and while she was volunteering at Energy Control, she immediately started working for the project at the Drug Checking laboratory. She has been part of the growth of Energy Control’s Drug Checking Service since 2014. During this time she specialized at GC/MS, and she also has expert skills with other analytical techniques. She is a collaborator at IMIM (Institut Municipal d’Investigacions Mèdiques) and she has taken part in several scientific publications, as well as in national and international projects. She has a long experience of field interventions and she has trained a large number of volunteers and professionals to use the different techniques involved in Drug Checking.

Moving towards the perfect on-site drug checking technique: Evolution of analytical methods for drug checking services

Energy Control has been implementing on-site techniques since 2000 to bring drug checking services closer to recreational settings. Since then, we’ve been in search of drug checking techniques that comply with the requirements of in situ analysis in order to improve our drug checking services .

In recent years, technologies such as FTIR and RAMAN have emerged as innovative techniques used on-site as are portable, faster, and more affordable, but they have shown their limitations. Is there a perfect on-site drug checking technique? We run over the latests developments in drug-checking technologies and explore the direction of the ideal on-site technique.