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Gaianè Kevorkian - Nights 2022

Gaianè Kevorkian


Gaianè Kevorkian is project manager for cultural productions. During her bachelor degree in Musicology, in Cremona - University of Pavia, she experimented and deepened this passion collaborating with diverse projects and non-profit organisations. She co-funded La Città della Canzone, a workshop for young songwriters based on an innovative educational format throughout the collective creative process. Her interest in cultural production got wider through collaborations with diverse institutions that promote social projects for migration processes. She got a certificate as social facilitator thanks to the MARS - Music & Resilience Training Course, co-funded by Erasmus +. This training led to the creation of two research projects brought on in the asylum seeker centre of Cremona and two publications. Lately she got closer to the work of national and international cultural networks, thanks to the Fellowship Program promoted by European Music Council, to which she participated in 2018-2020. At the end of this experience she started working with KeepOn Live as PM.