Mark van Bergen


Lecturer/journalist , Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy / This Is Our House , Educating students for a career behind the scenes of the electronic music industry; Researching the relation between electronic music culture and well-being

Tilburg, the Netherlands


Mark van Bergen is one of the major connoisseurs of electronic dance music culture in his small but scene dominating country, The Netherlands. As a journalist, he has been writing about it since 2000. His book debut ‘Dutch Dance’ (2013), about 25 years of dance music culture in Holland, was rewarded with the country's most important award for music journalism. In 2018, as the official book of ADE, it got its international successor, celebrating 30 years of house music. Other book projects were ‘Thunderdome’ and ‘Awakenings’. Since 2014, Mark is also a lecturer and researcher on electronic music at Fontys academy. He is a regular speaker in panels and in media, including the New York Times.

Lecture & Discussion
14.00 - 15.30