Mireia Ventura

Drug checking services director/ TEDI Manager , Energy Control Barcelona / TEDI


Mireia Ventura has a PhD in Pharmacy and has been working as the Director of Drug Services at Energy Control-ABD since 2007. With more than twenty years of involvement in Energy Control, she has a long experience in field interventions and outreach work. Since 2007, she is a collaborator of IMIM (Municipal Institute of Medical Research) directly involved in the scientific dissemination of new psychoactive substances. At the international level, Mireia Ventura is the coordinator of the TEDI (Trans European Drug Information) network since its inception in 2011. Since 2017 Mireia is a member of the CSFD (Civil Society Forum on Drugs), an expert group of the European Commission. Its aim is to provide a broad platform for a structured dialogue between the Commission and European civil society to support the formulation and implementation of drug policies through practical advice.


The Trans-European Drug Information project (TEDI) is a network of European fieldwork Drug Checking services that share their expertise and data within a European monitoring and information system. Since 2017, thanks to a collaboration with the EMCDDA, TEDI built an electronic database in order to systematically collect data from TEDI members. Thanks to this database, sample data from all member organizations is collected in a standardized manner. This makes it possible to monitor and identify general trends of recreational markets. Through this system, TEDI is able to act as a sentinel, facilitating data biannually as well as any time it is requested for the evaluation of a specific trend.

In this talk, we will present data from the TEDI database for the last two years and discuss the new trends detected such as the falling strength of MDMA pills, the progression of the new cathinones, the new benzodiazepines and the presence of fentanyl in recreational samples. Are the rainbow pills present in Europe?