Pierre Esseiva


Forensic , University of Lausanne, School of Criminal Justice , Drug checking using portable analytical technics

Lausanne Switzerland


Professor at the School of Criminal Justice of the university of Lausanne (Ecole des Sciences Criminelles) and active for more than 25 years in the domain of understanding the illicit drug market. I have developed approches combined various technologies in order to provide knowledge about the composition and the trends within these illegal market. Recent developments have enabled the deployment of techniques providing real-time results that are widely used in the police field and which have applications in other areas such as public health .


The possibility to bring the laboratory close to the field has attracted a lot of attention among forensic community during the last decade and this phenomenon accelerates further due mainly to the impressive technological development that takes place in the miniaturisation, portability, rapidity and simplicity of use of the instruments available on the market
There is a clear trend to move the laboratory to the field in order to provide faster answer and offering new opportunities that could radically transform a practice. We have then initiate a pilot study in order to evaluate the potentiel of such technologies in a drug checking perspective. This talk will present the NIRLAB infrastructure as well as the results obtain in different drug checking settings. We will discuss the benefits of this approach as well as the most important points to consider in this new framework.