Irena Molnar

Anthropologist /Executive Directress , NGO Re Generation

Belgrade, Serbia


Irena Molnar is anthropologists, interested in social aspects of substance use that led her professional career development to engagement in drug policy and its reform, on a national scale but as well internationally. She is an active advocate for sustainability of harm reduction programs, devoted educator and mentor, researcher focusing on new ways of education and sensibilization of society regarding psychoactive substances and substance use. Her activist focus is primarily oriented on harm reduction in nightlife, including but not limited to gender mainstreaming and safety of young PWUD. She is co-founder of NGO Re Generation, youth led NGO from Serbia where she is elected Executive Directress, she is YODA foundation council member and a co-chair women of the Steering committee member of EHRA, representing SEE.


The drug policy is failing but there are no signs, beside the legalisation of marihuana in some countries, that this reality will be changed in the near future. Time to react as a collective, time to reflect how we can influence the current discussion about repression and drug policy.
This workshop “Let’s start to influence the drug policy” will be based on practical exchange and expertise around taking the lead in a discussion, with the goal for a responsible drug policy in the future.