Anna Sofia Varra

Degree in social work

Educator , Cooperativa Alice Onlus , Neutravel Project, Traballo Project (Drop In Alessandria)

Alessandria and Turin, Italy


My approach to harm reduction and consequently to the world of the night started in 2017 thank to my first internship at the Neutravel Project where I'm still working to this days. Subsequently, for two years, I worked in a crisis center for drug addicts, aimed at male and female users, with the aim of stabilizing and controlling the symptom, through a process of gradual detoxification, supported by psychological,educational, pharmacological and social interventions. Now I'm working at the DropIn in Alessandria, a low-threshold structure designed to welcome adults in difficulty. It carries out educational reception activities, consultancy, orientation, administration of comfort items, distribution of sterile material to reduce the risk of venous use and sexually transmitted diseases. This structure also includes Traballo Project an outreach service working in city nightlife and in free party thanks to the italian harm reduction network.