Christine van Meegen

MA Design

designer , Studio C.A.R.E. , CB-Lab

Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Christine is co-founder of Studio C.A.R.E. and has a background in interior- and social design. She develops methods and designs to make people (re)-connect with spaces. She occupies an out-of-the-box approach towards projects and strives for understandable and simple designs. She conceptualises ideas and brings people together, all topped with an insatiable material nerdism.

Studio C.A.R.E.

Studio C.A.R.E. (Rotterdam/ NL) works at the interface between architecture, art, design and happening, creating radical, playful and bespoke situations, interiors, events and installations.

There’s a strong focus of co-creation and participative design in the work of Studio C.A.R.E. since the founding of the studio in 2015. Wether for private clients, offices or community projects, they create flexible spaces based on needs that are modular and playful, sparking the creativity and abilities of their users. Studio C.A.R.E. always strives for applying healthy and sustainable materials and developing understandable designs and furniture.

For the CB-Lab they were asked to develop the spatial concept and the design of the lab together with a team of experts and with the input, feedback and physical support from the local Zurich community that is interested in using the CB-Lab in the future.

Studio C.A.R.E. are Christine van Meegen and Sebastian Kubersky. They live and work with their 3 kids in the experimental building #RotterdamCityHouseLaboratory under constant conditions of change.