Pia Eigenstetter

B.A. Social Work

Social Worker , Drug Scouts , Expert for harm reduction and safer nightlife

Leipzig, Germany


As an advocate of pleasure-oriented safer nightlife concepts, Pia Eigenstetter has been working since 2013 on how events an venues can be designed to focus on the enjoyment, well-being and safety of guests and to find a collective and solidary way of dealing with risks, drug emergencies and violation of limits and boundaries. After studying social work with a focus on accepting drug social work she works as part of the project Drug Scouts in Leipzig, providing information events for partygoers, further education for professionals and club staff, peer interventions / information booths at events and counseling for users. Her expertise is constantly growing through her involvement in multi-perspective networks such as Sonics e.V. - Safer Nightlife Bundesverband, NachtRat Leipzig or as a member of the advisory board of the project Initiative Awareness e.V. // Support f(x).