Sacha Winkler


Musician, DJ, Producer, Club-Co-Owner , Kalabrese, Club Zukunft , Kalabrese



kalabrese is one of the more glittering characters in zurichs music scene and mingling at the frontline as dj, producer and as co-owner of the legendary club zukunft. through his very own style as a producer sacha winkler caused a stir outside of switzerland. kalabrese debut album «rumpelzirkus» is a great piece of music. it rumbles and works the funk organically and song oriented and recevied good reviews in the independent dance-scene all around the world in 1997. the 2nd album "independent dancer" came out in may 2013 more and more you can hear the signature of kalabrese sound and his unique songwriting with vocals of him self and guest singers (khan from berlin, sarah palin from zurich). „independent dancer“ is a journey into different world, very lightfull and positiv and allways funky. radiostations like kcrw in america or sonica ibiza played regulary times songs of the „independent dancer“ album.

working at the frontline, to make the rumpel great again.

my goal is to find harmony and a quality of comin' together in the night and find individually that wave of happiness and deepness to break the necessary bounderies. no matter what gender, no matter what background and colour or profession. the night is ours, we celebrate it with passion and treat each other with respect and joy, find a musical way to connect and let it flow deeper. the music is the key, the bridge. in the center of all stimulation is the music. alcohol and other drugs should be the on top. for all drug users in the partyscene, we need a legal market controlled by the goverment we need regulations and a new bill worldwide. the worldtraffic for drugs are controlled by the drug-cartel and has an huge impact to the party-market worldwide, especially mexicos partyscene, the booming drug-market par exemple in tulum is more or less controlled by the cartel. how to become independent as a promoter and club-owner? how to get the drugs in europe not trough the cartel?