Kathia von Roth

B. o A.

Activating Environments , Clubbüro Zürich, Code & Context TH Cologne, Die Spieleberatung (A) , CB-Lab

Hamburg, Germany


Kathia von Roth is a traveling activist, lecturer, transdisciplinary practitioner and artistic researcher. She is lecturing on theory and practice of Activating Environments, traveling to self governed gatherings to research and provotype habits, language, spacial design and collective practices of post-competitive futures. Since 2021 she is working as a research associate for Pr. Dr. Christian Faubel at TH Cologne. In her collective worx with Die Spieleberatung she claims to be expert for interrelations - may it be in the dimensions of physical space, code, virtual realms or social architecture. As theater director and artist she is creating temporary utopian zones and empowering experience realms aiming to cultivate empowering (inter)actions.

A. E.

Theory and practice of activating environments in physical space, language and virtual space is based on the observation that the way environments are organized, and addressing its users tremendously influences a users
expected self-efficacy and therefore the way humans behave in and possibly interact
with each other and their environments.
Activating Environments address their users as capable, accountable, actively world
creating, themselves changing and (possibly collective) part of the situation.

Designing a space means to tell stories of possible (inter)actions.

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Who or what is addressing this question?

Critical design for transitional every day life -

Leave traces: Share the tools and materials you used to create with future users.

Poor materials: A practice of using whatever is at hand carries an inherent narrative of participation, constantly provoking a realisation that no special or gatekeeped tool or material are needed to change existing environments .

Hacking is possible.

Empowering language: We are actively world creating with every word we say. Reflect on how you name it.

Power is the people.

Don't forget to play.

What do you think?

I am open to your impulse.

Where did you envision that.

The (A) revolution will have been spacial.

In the making, listen to the futures.