Alessia Cibin

PhD Candidate

Researcher , University of Technology Sydney

Sydney, Australia


Alessia Cibin is currently a doctoral fellow at the University of Technology Sydney, Institute for Public Policy and Governance working on a research project about night-time economy prior to and during Covid-19 pandemic in Sydney. She is also expert member of STADTNACHACHT, think tank on urban development and night-time economy. She holds a MS and BSc in Urban Planning and Policy from the Università Iuav di Venezia. She published two peer-reviewed articles on night-time economy governance in the last 3 years. She also served 10 years as an elected representative in Italian local government (2009-2019).

Sydney's struggle between Globalisation Versus Localisation of its Night-time Economy

This study analyses night-time economy (NTE) strategies, and their development alongside contextual specific policy documents across multiple city centres of the Greater Sydney metropolitan area in New South Wales. Over the last decade, academic research and NTE practices in planning have flourished internationally. However, less is known about whether these strategies account for the rise or decline of local identities while still pursuing global city ideals. Therefore, we ask whether and how NTE strategies accurately account for local identities in terms of urban, social, cultural, economic, demographic, and institutional characteristics. We answer these questions by looking at the tension between NTE strategies and the local character or identity of a place in Greater Sydney metropolitan area. Here, where multiple city centres have adopted NTE strategies, and aim at regenerating and enhancing the NTE development of urban centres while reclaiming their own identity. The state and local governments have taken positive and concerted actions to regenerate the NTE through the establishment of NTE departments, event planning, and unprecedented public investments. Establishing a successful NTE has become a key driver for urban reactivation and economic recovery post Covid-19 lockdown across Greater Sydney. The findings support the implementation of local NTE strategies.