Alexandra Vogel


Founder , Initiative Awareness e.V. & NachtRat Leipzig , support f(x) - schnittstelle für awareness, antidiskriminierung und Gewaltprävention, Awareness im öffentlichen Raum

Leipzig, Germany


Alexandra Vogel (Initiative Awareness e.V., NachtRat Leipzig) has been working on the topics of awareness, anti discrimination and violence prevention in nightlife for almost 10 years. She has helped to establish club-based awareness teams at several venues and is a founding member of the Initiative Awareness e.V. The association advises and accompanies venues and festivals introducing of awareness structures, trains teams, gives out free merch and info materials and strives for a network of awareness activists. She also took part in the conception of Leipzig‘s night embassy and is a member of the NachtRat Leipzig. As part of the projects support f(x) and Awareness in public areas she and her team try to bring the idea of awareness to a bigger audience and various event types.