Raimund Reintjes

Dipl. Pol.

Producer & Co-Director Stadt Nach Acht Nightlife Conference | Project Leader Sonar - Safer Nightlife Berlin , Livekomm - Bundesverband der Clubs & Livespielstätten in Deutschland e.V. | Fixpunkt e.V. , Stadt Nach Acht nightlife conference

Berlin | Germany


I had my first club-related activities in 1999 before I started to run a club as well as a venue for small arts in 2004 at a former industrial site „RAW“ in Berlin. I hosted more than 3000 cultural events and organized more than 300 techno parties, several festivals for creative commons music in London and Berlin and many other events. In 2010 I started working for Berlin Clubcommission - as a board member and later as head of office. In 2016 I set up the "Stadt Nach Acht" conference series (together with M. Wohlrabe) and two years later the "Berlin Noise Protection Fund". Also since 2018, I am engaged as a project manager of a safer nightlife program "Sonar". Today, I also work as an expert consultant for Berlin Senate of Culture.

Berlin's Noise Protection Fund

Since 2018, Berlin is in use of a tool to pacify noise conflicts between different stakeholders of the night, generated by sound emmissions as accompanying phenomenons of clubs and music venues. With its "Noise Protection Fund", the city of Berlin has already been investing 2.5 Mio € to protect its clubs from being under existential pressure caused by angry neighbors - as well as the neighbors' night sleep from being robbed by live music enthusiasts and the large international party crowd in Berlin. Since then, different constructional-acoustic measures have been improving each situation in an individual way - and had brought back peaceful co-existence to the conflict zones. Special technical developments are now even allowing open-air dance floors without disruptive sound emissions - in the immediate vicinity of residential areas...


Lecture & Discussion
11.30 - 13.00