Sacha Hertzog

Project Officer , Fédération Addiction , Analyse ton Prod' Network

Paris, France


Sacha Hertzog is a project officer at Fédération Addiction, a network of professionals working with people who use drugs. His missions focus on harm reduction, including drug checking and harm reduction in party settings. He is working on the animation of the Analyse ton Prod' network, a network of French organizations offering a drug checking service for harm reduction purposes.

Analyse ton Prod’: a national network to promote a coordinated approach of drug checking as harm reduction

Analyse ton Prod’ seeks to address the main challenges facing drug-checking in France: making drug-checking available everywhere in France, fully integrating drug-checking in the harm reduction toolset, ensuring the quality of drug-checking services.
The network is animated nationally by the Fédération Addiction. At the provincial level, structure can organize themselves as a consortium or under the lead of their lab. Nationally, the governance will ensured by a democratically elected steering committee. In addition to this governance, there are working groups meeting regularly to discuss innovative subjects on drug checking and share best practices. Finally, trainings of trainers are organized by the network. Moreover, this network is a platform for structure to share their issues, discovery and seek help if needed.
It is also a mean of advocacy since the coordination is regularly meeting with the French Minister of Health. There is a roadmap of the network agreed with the Minister of Health.