Jacob Chagnon

Master of Public Administration

Policy Educator & Community Strategist , Vienna Club Commission | Central European University , Safer Partying / Safer Nightlife

Vienna, Austria


Jacob Chagnon is a policy educator, recent graduate from Central European University in Vienna, and activist focusing on global drug policy reform and community health. He advocates for the integration of compassionate, health-based approaches to substance use on various projects around the world. Currently, his attention is centered on expanding harm reduction services into Viennese nightlife and club culture.

Quality Labels of Tomorrow: A Case Study of Key Facilitators, Challenges, and Opportunities for Vienna's Nightlife

On this panel, Jacob turns to the future, asking: how could/should a "Safer Partying Label" be implemented in Vienna? The presentation combines the results from a year-long investigation into Vienna's harm-reduction efforts providers, the past success and failures of other European quality labels, and ongoing public discussions with the Vienna Club Commission. Ultimately, it simultaneously presents key obstacles for Vienna and potential areas of improvement for a future-oriented, "Safer Partying Label". This session intends to be both informative and collaborative and welcomes feedback from conference participants on how to ensure the sustainability, justice, and efficacy of a quality label in Vienna.