Lomme Valkeneers

Marketing Manager , Extrema

Antwerp, Belgium


Lomme Valkeneers has multiple years of experience in and around festivals: as responsible for marketing & communication, part of the project management team, spokesperson, and part of the company's management board. Extrema Outdoor is one of the leading electronic music festivals in Belgium that attracts around 65.000 visitors over 3 days. Extrema Noir is the indoor edition for a maximum of 17.500 visitors.

Extrema Outdoor Belgium, a case study of the implementation of a balanced and integrated drug policy.

The use of alcohol and other drugs is a reality at music festivals. Yet alcohol and other drugs can negatively affect the safety and health of festival-goers. A balanced and well thought alcohol and drug policy tailored to festivals is a must for the smooth, pleasant and safe running of each music festival. This policy consists of four pillars: rules and procedures, information provision, environmental interventions and care and support. This translates at the festival into coordinated measures that minimize the risks to those using alcohol and other drugs.

The success of the drug policy increases as the above components are developed in proportion and reinforce each other through good cooperation and coordination between the stakeholders involved. Extrema Outdoor, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Belgium, celebrated its 10th edition this year with 65.000 visitors over 3 festival days. After a man died under the influence of illegal drugs last edition (2021), cooperation between all stakeholders was intensified. The festival organisation, the police, the public prosecutor, the local and regional prevention workers, the harm reduction teams and the medical team worked together to develop a well-tuned and supported drug policy that was fruitful. In this presentation, the case study and the results are presented by several stakeholders involved at Extrema Outdoor Belgium 2022.