Guy Jones


Senior Scientist , The Loop Drug Checking Service

Cambridge, UK


Guy Jones MChem first volunteered with Psycare UK 10 years ago, providing welfare at festivals. He was immediately intrigued by the conundrum of helping people reduce risk by helping them understand what was in their drugs, a "problem" which technology could already solve but cannot due to the constraints of the black market. Since then he has founded Reagent Tests UK, manufacturing home drug identification tests and become deeply involved with The Loop Drug Checking Service, a charity in the UK. Through his work he strives to make drug checking more accessible and easier to offer, often through a technology-led approach. His inventions, "Mass Loss Analysis" and solid home reagent tests address specific challenges faced by services and service users and are finding increasing use.

A new field test for determining strength of MDMA tablets for under 100 Euro

Determining which drugs are present in a sample is not the only important factor in the harm it can pose. Even pure drugs have risks and for tablets which contain MDMA, a high MDMA content can easily be dangerous in its own right. The Loop has validated a simple method for analysing tablets that is accessible to any organisation with basic funding and lab skills.

Guy will present a summary of The Loop's paper: "Mass Loss Analysis: a low cost, low technology field test to approximate MDMA content of tablets for harm reduction purposes."