Carlos Paulos

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Head of 4motion / behavioral and cognitive psychologist / consultant in safer party strategies , 4motion asbl. , PIPAPO - sex, drugs & party

Luxembourg-city in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


Carlos is a cognitive neuroscientist and behavioral psychologist, depicting the recreational use of partydrugs and the partysetting as a vector of regulating wellbeing and mental health. He is the director of 4motion – education for a social change, and responsable of the initiative PIPAPO offering an integrated drug checking (IDC) in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Since 2020, PIPAPOTER offers also an drug checking service during the week. In this framework, users can also benefit from a follow up of their consumption and consumption patterns using a self positionning method and setting up individual safer use strategies. Carlos is passionate about music and likes good vibes.