Thierry Wegmüller

Président , La Belle Nuit , Les Rencontres La Belle Nuit

Lausanne, Suisse


General Manager of the D! Club, the bar club abc, the Arches! terrace bar and Carte Blanche Traiteur & Events in Lausanne, and sits in various associations and foundations mainly in the field of music, creation and in the improvement of creation and in the improvement of the quality of the Vaud nightlife. Current family structure for nearly for nearly 30 years. In particular, President of Festival La Belle Nuit, an association intended to unite the clubs of Lausanne and the French-speaking part of Switzerland around the positive, egalitarian, committed and respectful common values of the La Belle Nuit Charter. The objective of this charter is to improve the quality of nightlife in Lausanne, both in terms of prevention and training, and to promote it as a competitive advantage over other Swiss cities. And its promotion as an economic and cultural entity.

Spiking - the Reality Behind the Big Letters

Concerning the suspicion of stings in festive places, following a press release of the Canton of Vaud and all the services concerned on the subject, the emergency services of the canton have received some people, some of whom presented lesions compatible with stings (visible traces). People generally described aspecific symptoms (malaise, heat, fatigue, dizziness, etc.) or no associated symptoms. Some feared they had been intoxicated by a GHB injection. These situations may have raised concerns. For the ten or so cases reported in the last three months, it should be noted that the toxicological analyses carried out have not, to date, revealed any trace of a particular substance injected.
This does not mean that these stings do not exist, but that it is necessary to study the possibilities of prevention. Are we powerless against this problem? Or can the clubs do something to prevent any suspicion or evidence?