Matthias Humm


Social Work , Drug Information Center , Saferparty



I have been working for Saferparty since 2013 and I am co-responsible for the coordination of the Zurich drug checking service. In addition to advising recreational drug users on the front lines, I take care of the weekly warning publication, the evaluations of the drug checking data, the website and saferparty's nightlife activities. I have always been very interested in the group of psychedelics. I have been able to closely observe the trend of these substances in recent years during my work for Saferparty.

Workshop Microdosing

In this workshop the topic of microdosing will be treated theoretically and practically. A researcher from checkit! Vienna, the coordinator of the Drug Checking from Innsbruck, a psychiatrist and senior physician from Arud Zurich and the co-coordinator of the Drug Information Center DIZ Zurich will shed light on the topic of microdosing from different perspectives. In a first theoretical part, the four speakers will present inputs on the basics of LSD, microdosing, current study results, substance market, chances and risks of (self-) therapy and their own evaluations and experiences from the drug checking offers from Zurich, Innsbruck and Vienna. In the second part of the workshop it will be shown how to proceed in preparing one's own LSD microdosing spray / an LSD microdosing pipette bottle. At the end of the workshop there will be enough time for an exchange and questions to the experts.