Isi von Walterskirchen

MAS arts management, lic. iur.

creator, manager, programmer , IG Rote Fabrik, Clubbüro , CB-Lab

Zürich, Switzerland


Isi is the head of the club culture department of Rote Fabrik, the CLUBBÜRO. As the initiator of the RHIZOM Festival and Summer Camp, as a programmer (Les Belles De Nuit Festival, DECONSTRUCTION Club) and activist for club and NPO culture, she is a central figure in Switzerland's alternative cultural landscape. She is also a commission member of the Pop/Rock/Jazz department of the City of Zurich, co-president of the EU music network Live DMA and board member of the Swiss Association for Music Clubs and Festivals PETZI.

Rote Fabrik's CLUBBÜRO

CLUBBÜRO is a department of Zürich's alternative cultural center Rote Fabrik. It's mission is making the social and artistic value of contemporary club culture visible through low-threshold access to alternative electronic music. With an annual programme of third-party and in-house events, the theme of club culture is approached in different ways and moments of diversity, participation and inclusion are created. CLUBBÜRO focuses on the field of alternative electronic music and club culture. This includes the currents of club culture that testify to quality and stand for character, the will to innovate, social empowerment and DIY spirit. Three levels of action are hereby in the foreground: Next Generation (promotion of young people's ideas) / Experiment and Niche (artistic avant-garde) / socio-political engagement (activism, solidarity, new organizational initiatives).

CB-Lab - CLUBBÜRO's community sound laboratory

In addition to CLUBBÜRO's networking- and community building-offers (round club office tables, collective communication tool), the discourse and knowledge transfer programme (e.g. awareness workshops) and the use of the club office for third-party events (providing space, infrastructure, technical expertise, coordination and wellness security), the club office will provide a space for creation and production - the CB-Lab is in the making.<br />
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The CB-Lab will be a professional place for creation and experimentation, enabling artists and amateurs to realise themselves in the field of electronic and electroacoustic music. It will also be a place of exchange: a space where knowledge is imparted, synergies are used and new connections are formed. The CB Lab will be run in a highly self-organized way and will be accessible to all interested parties. The sound lab will be flexibly designed to meet the individual needs of the people using it.<br />
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The community of future users was brought on board for the conception and realization - in the CB-Lab project, knowledge is to be passed on and work is to be done collectively even in the construction phase. The CB-Lab thus manifests collaboration and user needs from the very beginning.<br />
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